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Swimming weather

As much as I love Wellington's windy grey weather (no, seriously, I do) there's a whole lot to be said for hot sunny days, and I wish we could get more of them. It makes it easy to cycle to work, first of all. When it's nice enough, I can go around the bays, an hour-long ride each way. Gorgeous when it's calm and sunny, impossible when a gale is blowing, so I'm cycling the bays as often as possible while the weather's good.

The ride also takes me past Princess Bay, a really pretty spot on the South Coast, just inside the Taputeranga Marine Reserve. If it's going to be a hot day, I toss a bikini and a towel into my cycling bag so I can stop by the beach on my way home from work.

Nothing drives the work day so completely out of your head like a swim in the sea on a hot day. The water's cold, but it feels marvelous once you get used to it. I had a fantastic swim yesterday, followed by sunbathing and reading on the beach. I'd forgotten how nice that is.

Today, of course, it's raining. Everybody I know keeps sighing about last summer, when the hot weather arrived before Christmas and stretched lazily into March.

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