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I've finally replaced my laptop computer, so I don't need to sneak in personal work to the office anymore. Which means I can blog again! Thank heavens. My Facebook friends must think I'm dead by now.

I spent my first Christmas and New Year's in New Zealand, which was a cool experience. Christmas was particularly remarkable because I celebrated with my flatmate Starrlite (seriously, that's her name) and her family. They're all Maori or part-Maori, so their idea of a family holiday is to hold a hangi in the backyard. It was a warm breezy day, and I walked around barefoot in a summer dress and ended up with sandfly bites all over my legs.

And now it's 2009, the sun is shining, and I'm struggling against the urge to buy fish & chips for dinner - a struggle I think I'm going to lose.

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