May 5th, 2009

winding road


I'm a bad blogger. Bad bad bad.

Winter's coming to Wellington. We had a week solid of rain not long ago, and sometimes it gets frosty in the morning. But it's all right - I'm looking forward to lazy evenings by the fire, drinking ginger wine and catching up on my reading. I tend to be a lot more productive at home once the warm weather ends.

Anyway, I'll need to spend a lot of evenings in for a while, saving up my money, because I'm going to New York City in October! I'll be in Manhattan for two weeks, rambling around and doing research for my book. (It's set in New York, after all, and you can't write about New York if you've never been there.) And I've booked a ticket to attend a taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, just for fun. It should be quite awesome.
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